Benefits of yoga for students

The students are the building block of a better future, as they learn to gain knowledge in the premises of college and then utilizing their wisdom in making a better nation in the later part of their life. The tiring regular hours of study are too stressful when the students are loaded with a lot of stress in proving their mettle in doing their best in the exam with achieving a successful career.

The scientist has proven that 5 minutes of brisk walking in the morning is as effective as sweating on a high impact workout in the gym. Replacing basic exercises with low to high impact yoga exercises can make the person healthy, wealthy and wise, as ultimately sound health, benefits professional life and better work output.

Yoga is an ancient method of relaxation with yoga history that has been around for here than 5000 years ago. Most of the students are held in the confused state of mind with the common question like can yoga make you fit? Yes, it’s true the magical healing power of yoga is globally recognized to combat all kinds of health irregularities.  Students and professionals taking a break from their routine work can seek yoga, meditation and practices revitalize their body and reduce stress.

Following 7 advantages of yoga helps students gain complete health as it is the best time to do yoga, who are embarking on yoga expedition initially.

  • Different yoga style incorporating various stretching poses helps in strengthening muscle and toning the body while burning calories
  • The most common yoga practices including Hatha and pranayama forms of yoga combines a series of basic movements with deep breathing increase flexibility with various range yoga postures, asanas, and motion


  • There are two types of yoga practices one is fast-paced and intense while the others are gentle and relaxing that stretch your muscles and improve your flexibility
  • Yoga meditation and relaxation maintain a balanced metabolism with breathing deeply, in and out uplifting your mood providing the complete mind-body connection which is extremely beneficial for health.

Yoga Session

  • With the advanced advantages of increasing blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and bad cholesterol, Yoga mind and body practice benefits cardio and circulatory health
  • Yoga improves respiration and increase blood flow releasing energy to enhance vitality which helps you relax and focus while gaining flexibility and strength
  • Professionals and students sitting on the chair for prolonged hours suffer from bad posture and back pain, which can be rectified from yoga that offers various asanas to strengthen and balance your body

For the beginners and the novice moving forward to include yoga in the health, regimen must get in the contact of a professional yoga teacher who can guide properly various yoga styles to derive maximum benefits. Get enrolled in the Yoga schools in Rishikesh for a complete package of comprehensive yoga classes offering holistic and integrative yoga sessions.

Moreover, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Rishikesh that has transformed into the yoga capital of India that is a home away from home to spellbound experience picturesque landscape and mysticism.  Yoga instructor running a Yoga course in Rishikesh is ideal for learning yoga skills so, if you are looking for some best Yoga classes, you can approach Chandra Yoga International which is located in religious city Rishikesh known as the heart of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India.

10 Benefits of Yoga That May Change Your lifestyle

Yoga is recognized globally as part of Indian culture. The perception of yoga to be an easy form of exercise is true as compared to the traditional exercises. It is essential to practice yoga in the direction of an expert yoga teacher. Yoga benefits come handy with Yoga techniques incorporating various yoga styles in the form of basic pranayama asanas facilitate quite breathing and calmness.

  • The best part of yoga practice involves total health and complete nourishment of the tissues and cells with proper blood circulation that tones up the whole body systems.
  • Develop maximum health with consistent yoga practices keep us fit and healthy with the postures of the slower pace and easier movements which are beneficial for joints and spine.

Yoga Practices

  • Health benefits of yoga enhance life span and get the body in shape with good health and accelerated working capacity, leading to peace and joy.
  • The optimum time to derive maximum physical benefits of yoga postures is doing it in the morning and evening to make the body parts more strong, flexible and supple.

Yoga Session

  • Yoga practices and postures performed in the yoga session in the Yoga courses in Rishikesh connects, mind, body, and soul providing strength, agility, and calmness to the nervous system
  • Yoga practices cast a magical spell as yoga asanas reduce fatigue strengthen and exercise muscle, nerve, and gland while soothing the nerves. It makes us perfect our posture through various yoga practices, including low impact and yoga, as imperfect posture may cause various issues like back and neck pain.

Yoga Skills

  • Benefits of yoga includes asanas practice that strengthens the spine with flexibility through various yoga asanas that stretch and tones the body
  • In order to let the inner energy distribute itself throughout the body, you can opt for comprehensive yoga therapy to boost energy and revitalize the body.

Yoga Sessions

  • Calcium use to be the natural constituent to strengthen the bone, as strenuous high-impact yoga exercises add to the fitness benefits of yoga which strengthen bones and makes them flexible avoiding the condition of osteoporosis later in the life.
  • Sweating is the ideal way to get rid of toxins as yoga asana movement detoxifies the body by practices like twisting, turning, stretching, that eliminate lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and lymphatic fluids from the body

Yoga has taken the second most loved things when health is concerned as stress and irregular lifestyle cast negative effects on the body resulting in weight gain and other medical complications. Recognized as an easy form of exercise that offers much with a little devotion of time and attention, you can tone up your body into a fitter shape and attain utmost peace.

Yoga connects body, mind, and soul offering plenty of advantages that streamline our health.  Rishikesh has become the World Capital of Yoga with flourishing yoga schools in Rishikesh and Chandra Yoga International is one of the best globally recognized registered Yoga TTC School by Yoga Alliance U.S.A in Rishikesh. Get connected to the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course with Best Trainer Yoga Teacher Training in India

Right yoga class with high-impact and low-impact yoga for fast-pace lifestyle

Yoga is always associated with medical benefits as it gives flexibility to the body and connects, mind, body, and soul. Yoga practices release abundant energy that revitalizes the body with various, “asanas” that involve breathing in the form of pranayama. At the very first you can start and begin to a slower pace and easier movements as strenuous yoga asana is not accurate for beginners. As a beginner and a novice in the beginning steps of yoga, you should be careful to avoid strenuous yoga practices, namely power-yoga that may not be the right yoga exercises in case you are suffering from chronic back pain.

Yoga offers abundant healing powers and if entering the yoga lifestyle was part of your planned New Year resolution, then the year 2017 has a lot in store for you in the form of health wealth and prosperity. Health is directly proportional to wealth as if you are completely fit for the day to day professional routine work, then you can perform and give better output to your profile task.

Healthy lifestyle by including yoga in your fitness regimen increases flexibility to boost up capabilities for accelerated economic activities. So, how can you find yoga classes in order to derive abundant medical benefits from yoga? The beginning simply starts from getting in touch with an ace yoga teacher for the complete yoga exercise program. You can take the help of Google search engine to locate yoga training classes at the place you are located. You will get the right result for yoga searches in your locality.

The first priority for taking yoga classes is the perfect health to proceed with various yoga ranges of motion that forms the part of yoga practices and sessions.

  • You need not be of any specific religion or belief to practice yoga nor have to be of any shape or size because yoga is a kind of spiritual connection that offers bodily healing accredited to the very nature of yoga.
Low Impact Yoga


  • Yoga practices can be done with low-impact yoga that tone up the body in the guidance of qualified yoga teacher who will make you proficient in high-impact yoga to revive your metabolism.
High Impact Yoga


  • Yoga teacher conducting yoga sessions instruct various forms of yoga poses for beginners. Include yoga in your fitness regimen as a stress reliever to tone up, for increase flexibility.
  • Your yoga endeavors will be highly effective as you start performing a combination of moves in the guidance of yoga classes with specific standards.
  • Most popular Hatha yoga is the best alternative for your initial yoga practices that includes a wide range of poses, involving movement and breathing.

Moreover, Yoga instructor running a Yoga course in Rishikesh is ideal to learn yoga skills so, if you are looking for some best Yoga classes, you can approach Chandra Yoga International which is located at religious city Rishikesh known as the heart of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India.

This registered Yoga TTC School by Yoga Alliance U.S.A in The World Capital of Yoga Rishikesh, India. We offer certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in World Wide Locations with Best Trainer, Yoga Teacher Training in India – Rishikesh – Chandra Yoga RYS 200




How to make summers good with yoga asana

The yoga word has become the most sought after terminology and unique keyword for Google searches when healthy lifestyle is concerned. The mass global acceptance of yoga is the outcome of hectic schedules and stressful living suffered by every second person in the world. Everyone in the world is seeking spiritual unification and health is on the wish list of the most of the people. Yoga offers a complete package of sound health benefits.

Yoga is associated with the primary obtainment of complete spiritual unification. The secondary physical transformation includes the basic evolution and the unification of the human bodily elements comprising of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system. Yoga, as a system, helps in pursuing a spiritual life that has developed into various branches.

A traditional system of yoga that dates back to some 500 years is as essential as the Modern practices of yoga in Yoga school in Rishikesh which have been redefined by spiritual practitioner and yoga teachers.

Essential benefits of different types of yoga in summer

The basic requirement to get into the process of Yoga practices requires slower pace and easier movements as strenuous yoga asana is not accurate for beginners. Moving on with the simplest form of yoga styles we have Hatha recognized globally as the one of the most common styles of yoga which is perfect for beginners.

The season change is sometime essential for the body in some aspects of life, but excess summer and winter might not be good health wise. Cosmetics cream can safeguard the skin from summer, but harsh rays of the sun and scorching heat might affect the overall metabolism of the body. Yoga is the natural practices that come handy with immense medical benefits to keep the summer at bay.

Medical benefits of yoga that goes beyond spiritual health benefits

  • Yoga session uplifts mental, emotional and spiritual self releasing innate source of profound energy.
  • Exercise is recommended by doctors to get in shape and fight all the diseases, whereas Yoga is the natural source to increase muscle strength and tone the body enhancing immunity to protect from injury.


  • Yoga asana in Yoga course in Rishikesh provides increased body flexibility that enables the person to bear the day long routine hectic hours and improve athletic performance.
  • Overweight and obesity in adults and children is the direct results of binge foods and irregular eating habits, yoga maintains a balanced metabolism reducing the weight.


  • The total number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease is around 17.3 million a year adults are the one that suffer most with the heart ailment, yoga offers improved respiration, energy and vitality improving Cardio and circulatory health
  • Summer weather heat and air conditioned environment of the house might disturb the sleeping patterns of the person. Yoga practice improves the health as it helps in improving the sleep quality in adults with insomnia.

Yoga In Rishikesh

  • Yoga sessions in the form of pranayama that pumps in fresh air into the lungs by simple breathing exercises generate bodily hormones like endorphins and dopamine into the system making the person more than happier.

If you are connected with internet and browsing something like Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh than you have come up with the right query. You can hit two causes at the same time as if you happen to be living in Rishikesh as a tourist you can definitely approach Chandra yoga international that runs an exceptional Yoga course in Rishikesh providing a complete package of comprehensive yoga classes offering holistic and integrative yoga sessions.


Yoga for your Dosha: A Congestion-Clearing Kapha Yoga Sequence

1 Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Pose, variation
Begin with Plank Pose firstly put your weight onto your right hand and roll to the outside of your right foot. Step your left foot onto the ground in front of your hips Lengthen through your inner right foot. Beside your left ear, raise your left arm up, and your left side hip and rib cage up toward the sky, creating an arch. Down your right ear toward your right shoulder Breathe into your left rib cage for 3 to 6 breaths. Gently lower, and then repeat on the other side.

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2 Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose
Begin to Tabletop and lower on your forearms. Join your fingers, roll your toes under, raise your knees and hips, and straighten your legs. Fix your head, raise your hips to lengthen your backbone, and press down through your feet and forearms. Hold here for 3 to 6 breaths, resting at the end of each exhaling for 1 to 2 seconds to slightly develop your inside fire.

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4 Poses to Deepen Intimacy and Strengthen Relationships

1 Seated Forward Bend

Seated forward bend


Seat back-to-back with your fellow in Staff Pose (Dandasana) Starts to quietly establish breathing beat that you’ll feel along the backbone. Stay here or lean forward into a Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana) managing spine-to-spine contact. Breathe in together and out together for 3 to 5 minutes.

Why It Works: You are establishing body connection and also reducing stress by developing a constant and shared spirit of breath control.

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 2 Easy Pose with eyes open

Easy pose with eyes open


Sit across from your companion in Easy Pose and sustain eye contact. Stretch your arms forward at chest level and join palms with your partner, moving front and back in a push-pull motion at a moderate speed for 3 to 11 minutes. You may intone a simple mantra, such as “om,” or pass in silence.

Why it works: This is a white tantric method that builds a level of shared energy between a pair. Coordination, listening, and maintenance is realized by sustaining the beat for several minutes. It may become very light-hearted or strongly meditative.

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3 ways to make pigeon pose feel better

One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Poses

This passive variant of single-Legged King Pigeon Posture (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), commonly called “Pigeon” can be a tricky pose to practice. And I believe that’s why we see it executed inappropriately so often.

I completely realize why. It’s awkward! It’s asymmetrical, which tends to feel nonnatural. So how can yogis find a feeling of “ease” in a posture that doesn’t show to have a neutral point? The magic is in the modifications Change and everything probable.

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Modification 1: Z- Sits Pigeon Pose

This is not technically Pigeon, but it is a super opportunity for people, who are greatly embarrassed and inconvenient in the mythical pose. If your hips are flutter a foot above the floor in the regular version and there is the pain where there should not be, try this rather. Sitting conveniently, bring the front (left in the photo) knee as close to 90 degrees as your body allows. Find the amount of outside rotation you are comfortable with. If your foot inches near to the groin, that is OK too. For the full pose, you would stretch the right leg all the way back. Here, just open the right leg to 90 degrees at the back of you. This permit some opening in the hips (same as Pigeon) but without the wobbly balancing action or force in the front knee.


In your Z-Sit, you can remain straight or lean forward. Start to press the back hip (the one with the leg behind) forward to extend the front of it and continue to externally turn the front hip open. As you get more relaxed here, you can work on straightening the back leg and square the hips toward the top of your mat.

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7 Poses for an Energy-Boost



Begin with the comfortable seat. Close your eyes relax your hands to your thighs and start to draw your consideration to your breathing. Take a deep breath within the nose and a long, easy breath out the mouth. Repeat two more times.

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Downward-Facing Dog

From your comfortable seat, pick a side to lean off to and come through to all fours. Use a long breath to tuck your toes, raise your hips, and relax into an easy Downward-Facing Dog. Staying easy in the knees and elbows, begin to peddle your feet, maybe pressing one foot and the opposite hand in the mat. Breathe and raise high onto your tippy toes. As you breathe out, free your heels below. Repeat two more times.

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Master fish pose in 5 steps


Matsya= fish and Asana = pose
you can say to Matsyasana as Fish Pose


Opens your shoulders and chest; softens the often-tight middle back; stretches your neck and thyroid; offering a balance of opening without grasping, and of relaxing without collapse.


1. Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose), with your legs extended in front of you and your spine long.

2. Slowly roll onto your back. Press your palms down and lift up onto the top of your head.

3. Walk your fingers toward your feet until your arms are straight—your elbows should be off the ground. Again press down tightly with your palms, and tuck your shoulder blades into your back; this will raise and open your chest and support your neck.

4. Keep your legs and feet strongly engaged. If it feels like there’s too much pressure on your head or spine.

5. Place your attention on the sensation of your breath right at the blade of your nostrils. Do not think about or imagine the breath, but virtually, tune into the feeling of the wind energy passing in and out of your body. Let your mind settle into this practice of close consideration.

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Power up your arm balances

To get stronger muscles, you need to apply greater-than-normal strain to them someone by making them hold more weight than they’re used to or by holding weight longer. So if you do use to holding Plank in your training for a minute, and you do that again and again, you may stop seeing progress. Adding a weightlifting routine will overburden certain muscles more so you can build equal strength for raising into Crow or Handstand stronger and long.

So, if you would rather not grab that set of dumbbells at all, try holding arm balancing poses and invert longer, and mixing up your usual routine to include new weight-bearing poses to Defiance your arm muscles in various ways and build more power. There is different between on the classic Plank Pose and Chaturanga to get you started.

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Knee- to-Arm PLANK

At Plank Pose, comes your right knee to the outer upper of the right arm, hugging your knee toward yours. Lift the front body toward the back body, as you press back through your left heel. Hold the arms towards one another, keeping your arms straight and forceful, as you access through your crown. Take five deep breaths. Maintain conscientiousness in your torso as you lightly return to Plank. Repeat on the other side.

Note: Do not use momentum to come to the knee to the arm. Instead, move lightly to ensure optimal muscle use.

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