Boost Heart Health with Yoga: Guard Your Heart

Yogis know the poses that “open” the heart, but did you know that regular practice can also help protect your ticker over the long term?

Here are 5 ways that yoga keeps your heart going strong.

1. Love how you feel after class? That is your stress melting away.

Stress may affect factors and behaviors that are proven to increase heart disease risk: cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, smoking, physical inactivity, and overeating, according to the American Heart Association. Chronic stress may also cause some people to consume too much alcohol, which can increase your blood pressure (BP) and may harm the artery walls. A usual yoga practice, on the other hand, is likely to calm you down, making you less likely to lean on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or fatty foods to “numb out,”.

“Moving with the breath, in other words linking expanding movements with the breath in, and softening or contracting movements with the breath out, starts to create a dynamic which calms the nerves and moves that stress energy out of the body,”.

Try Seated Forward Bend, to make it even more delicious, put a rolled blanket or towel under your knees, and put your forehead on a block or other prop placed on your shins.

2. It is a feel good workout.

Maintaining a correct BMI (body mass index) can assist your heart, according to the CDC, and regular physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight. Yoga is the “best resistance workout on the planet” means it is simple on the joints and exercise on your own body-weight to construct potency. Become a fat-burning machine by building long lean muscle. Plank Pose as all-over strengthener that does double duty by shoring up your back and targeting your core.


3. It blasts belly fat.

Extra abdominal fat has been linked to extend risk for heart disease. By strengthening the large muscle groups in the body, such as the quadriceps and gluteal, yoga gets your body kindling more calories, meaning you are less likely to store them as fat around your middle. Standing poses like Warrior II held for a bit longer than the mind is convenient with is a great way to build these powerhouse muscles.

4. It “opens” the heart.

What does it particular mean to “open” your heart mean anyway? Asana is the exercise of putting your body in challenging shapes. Yoga, on the other hand, is the exercise of attaching what you learn on the mat with what you do off of it. As you become more mindful about your body, your breath, your language in challenging poses, you become more aware of your own perceptions of the world.”

Rather than the obvious heart-openers (Fish, Camel, Locust), we suggest a pose that is really challenging to stay vulnerable in, like Chair Pose. Sit as low as you can with your lumbar spine as longer as possible for as long as you can. Notice how your mind, your perceptions, your language change as the intensity increases.

5. It transforms your diet.

A healthy diet (heavy on colorful fruits and veggies, light on red meat, and fiber and heart-healthy fish, sodium, saturated fat, sugar, and processed foods) is hazardous to heart health, and studies have linked regular yoga exercise to careful eating.

As you connect to your breath, body, and perspectives in challenging shapes on the mat, you linked more to what you do to it off the mat. “Suddenly, if you have to do yoga in the morning, it gets much harder to have that 4th martini that fried whatsoever, that extra serving of unnecessary sugar. You develop a sense of respect for this foolishly miraculous body that has developed over millions of years of evolution.”

Author: Dr. Sushil Yogi


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