Power up your arm balances

To get stronger muscles, you need to apply greater-than-normal strain to them someone by making them hold more weight than they’re used to or by holding weight longer. So if you do use to holding Plank in your training for a minute, and you do that again and again, you may stop seeing progress. Adding a weightlifting routine will overburden certain muscles more so you can build equal strength for raising into Crow or Handstand stronger and long.

So, if you would rather not grab that set of dumbbells at all, try holding arm balancing poses and invert longer, and mixing up your usual routine to include new weight-bearing poses to Defiance your arm muscles in various ways and build more power. There is different between on the classic Plank Pose and Chaturanga to get you started.

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Knee- to-Arm PLANK

At Plank Pose, comes your right knee to the outer upper of the right arm, hugging your knee toward yours. Lift the front body toward the back body, as you press back through your left heel. Hold the arms towards one another, keeping your arms straight and forceful, as you access through your crown. Take five deep breaths. Maintain conscientiousness in your torso as you lightly return to Plank. Repeat on the other side.

Note: Do not use momentum to come to the knee to the arm. Instead, move lightly to ensure optimal muscle use.

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Knee- to- Arm CHATURANGA

Repeat Knee-to-Arm Plank Then bend your elbows and lower as in Chaturanga Dandasana7 (Four-Limbed Staff Pose). Maintain the lift and the length of your body for five slow breaths. Push back up to Knee-to-Arm Plank, and slowly return to Three-Legged down Dog.

Note: Lower incrementally toward full Chaturanga arms every time you do the sequence, to make strength successively.

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