7 Poses for an Energy-Boost



Begin with the comfortable seat. Close your eyes relax your hands to your thighs and start to draw your consideration to your breathing. Take a deep breath within the nose and a long, easy breath out the mouth. Repeat two more times.

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Downward-Facing Dog

From your comfortable seat, pick a side to lean off to and come through to all fours. Use a long breath to tuck your toes, raise your hips, and relax into an easy Downward-Facing Dog. Staying easy in the knees and elbows, begin to peddle your feet, maybe pressing one foot and the opposite hand in the mat. Breathe and raise high onto your tippy toes. As you breathe out, free your heels below. Repeat two more times.

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(3) Downward-facing dog spilled pose

Downward-facing dog spilled

Adho mukha svanasana

Take long breaths to breathe your right leg all the way back behind you, bending the knee to open up the hip and shoulders if it feels good for you.

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(4) Low lunge pose

Low lunge

Anjaney asana

From Downward-Facing Dog Split, gently bring your right foot forward between your hands. Bring some weight on your fingertips and soften your back knee down. Depending on how your hips are feeling, keep your fingertips down or gently peel your chest up and open, raise your arms up above.

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(5) Single leg forward bend pose

Single leg forward bend

Free your fingertips around your forward foot, tuck your back toes, and lift your hips, melting out of your front knee.

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High lunge

Soften through your front knee. Use a big inhale to press into your feet and lift to a High Lunge. Breathe soft here for a few inspirations.

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(7)Upward facing dog pose

Upward facing dog

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

From High Lunge, free your fingertips below and step back to Plank pose. Lower your knees then hips into an easy Upward-Facing Dog. Take several breaths here, opening in the chest and back, and then free to Child’s Pose. When you’re ready, gently feel your way out to all fours and use a breath to come back to your Downward-Facing Dog. Repeat movement’s 2-7 on the left side. After your final Upward-Facing Dog, release back to Child’s Pose. When you’re ready, roll up to sit Open your eyes and have a great day!

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