How to make summers good with yoga asana

The yoga word has become the most sought after terminology and unique keyword for Google searches when healthy lifestyle is concerned. The mass global acceptance of yoga is the outcome of hectic schedules and stressful living suffered by every second person in the world. Everyone in the world is seeking spiritual unification and health is on the wish list of the most of the people. Yoga offers a complete package of sound health benefits.

Yoga is associated with the primary obtainment of complete spiritual unification. The secondary physical transformation includes the basic evolution and the unification of the human bodily elements comprising of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system. Yoga, as a system, helps in pursuing a spiritual life that has developed into various branches.

A traditional system of yoga that dates back to some 5000 years is as essential as the Modern practices of yoga in Yoga school in Rishikesh which have been redefined by spiritual practitioner and yoga teachers.

Essential benefits of different types of yoga in summer

The basic requirement to get into the process of Yoga practices requires slower pace and easier movements as strenuous yoga asana is not accurate for beginners. Moving on with the simplest form of yoga styles we have Hatha recognized globally as the one of the most common styles of yoga which is perfect for beginners.

The season change is sometime essential for the body in some aspects of life, but excess summer and winter might not be good health wise. Cosmetics cream can safeguard the skin from summer, but harsh rays of the sun and scorching heat might affect the overall metabolism of the body. Yoga is the natural practices that come handy with immense medical benefits to keep the summer at bay.

Medical benefits of yoga that goes beyond spiritual health benefits

  • Yoga session uplifts mental, emotional and spiritual self releasing innate source of profound energy.
  • Exercise is recommended by doctors to get in shape and fight all the diseases, whereas Yoga is the natural source to increase muscle strength and tone the body enhancing immunity to protect from injury.


  • Yoga asana in Yoga course in Rishikesh provides increased body flexibility that enables the person to bear the day long routine hectic hours and improve athletic performance.
  • Overweight and obesity in adults and children is the direct results of binge foods and irregular eating habits, yoga maintains a balanced metabolism reducing the weight.


  • The total number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease is around 17.3 million a year adults are the one that suffer most with the heart ailment, yoga offers improved respiration, energy and vitality improving Cardio and circulatory health
  • Summer weather heat and air conditioned environment of the house might disturb the sleeping patterns of the person. Yoga practice improves the health as it helps in improving the sleep quality in adults with insomnia.

Yoga In Rishikesh

  • Yoga sessions in the form of pranayama that pumps in fresh air into the lungs by simple breathing exercises generate bodily hormones like endorphins and dopamine into the system making the person more than happier.

If you are connected with internet and browsing something like Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh than you have come up with the right query. You can hit two causes at the same time as if you happen to be living in Rishikesh as a tourist you can definitely approach Chandra yoga international that runs an exceptional Yoga course in Rishikesh providing a complete package of comprehensive yoga classes offering holistic and integrative yoga sessions.



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