7 Facts You Never Knew About AcroYoga

The traditional classical yoga transformation into complete new modern yoga with origins from the beginning of the century is your AcroYoga that is the talk of the town. What is AcroYoga is it related to some form of acrobatics and what are its gymnastics benefits to the human body?

What is AcroYoga

  • The word, “Acro” roots with Greek terminology reflecting the meanings to “tip end,” “height,” “extremities of the body,” The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root, “yuj” which directly means “to join”, “to add”,  “to unite”. Moving on with the significant meaning and pure combination of these two important words, this led to the formation of the combined word, “AcroYoga”.

AcroYoga basics

  • The core of AcroYoga is somewhat synonymous to yogic consciousness some new movements and being in the moment in balance with another. The yoga practice in the form of AcroYoga has different styles, complemented by dance. As always yoga focuses and contribute towards physical and mental health benefits.

AcroYoga class

  • This kind of yoga benefits a lot with the addition of massage elements with the mix of exercise and strength building The added delight of doing AcroYoga poses comes if you are having another person as your yoga partner to actively perform asanas and balance the lifts with the support of the base partner that improve concentration.

AcroYoga base and flyer

 The superlative AcroYoga basics are associated with three yoga terminologies like we have three primary components of AcroYoga such as base, flyer, and spotter. Health benefits of AcroYoga arise out of the gymnastics techniques that build profound flexibility, strength, with the teamwork, practice between partners

  • The vigorous involvement in AcroYoga and the massage elements benefits both the partners providing stress relief after effects. This form of AcroYoga practice, boost the caliber and stamina, as the person who acts as the base having most points of contact with the ground balance and build up his strength while another person as the flyer, who is elevated off the ground by the Base can increase his body’s flexibility.

AcroYoga pose

  • The role of the spotter is significant as he looks after and monitors the AcroYoga practice giving recommendation and makes sure that flyer land safely on the ground. Both the partners can derive maximum benefits out of AcroYoga by interchanging their positions.

 Is AcroYoga okay for everyone?

  • AcroYoga is beyond regular yoga asanas, postures, twisting, turning, stretching and controlled breathing technique, as the yoga practitioner with no medical conditions, doing flawless Yoga can also improve flexibility and enhance strength.

Health benefits of AcroYoga

  • Willing to delve in the Yoga world and want to explore your Yoga benefits that intensify your practice you need to get the right resources’ in the form of some AcroYoga class that let you begin with seamless AcroYoga practices.

The practitioner fine-tunes the base, flyer pose and balances the body to master self-control. The yoga instructor is ideal for learning AcroYoga skills so, if you are looking for some best Yoga course in Rishikesh, you can approach Chandra Yoga International which is located in religious city Rishikesh known as the heart of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India.


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