Restorative Yoga: Yoga Asanas And Their Benefits

Yoga is a must do exercise for so many health benefits as there is a whole lot of different types of yoga consisting of stretching, contracting and moving that benefits overall health wellness. Restorative yoga is the most significant subforms of yoga with the major component of relaxing pose.

What is Restorative yoga and its benefits

Yoga comes with various poses that impact the body, as you go on practicing yoga delving into the most powerful forms of exercise. A restorative yoga form incorporates mainly five or six poses supported by props that let the yoga practitioner completely relax and rest with breathing, and, meditation. Yoga combination of controlled breathing and controlled movements with restorative relaxing pose improve posture and respiration, aid in trimming fat and losing weight.  Restorative yoga facilitates boosting up of the immune System, as you go on practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.

Yoga Restorative yoga

Fight chronic fatigue, and stress with Restorative poses

Restorative yoga is best in the case of health issues like chronic fatigue, and stress. Restorative yoga comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level with direct benefits of improved blood circulation flow in the heart.  Performing various restorative yoga styles Increases the blood flow to the brain, aiding in cognitive function. Deep and full Stretches, seated forward folds, gentle backbends, and light twists, for sufficient time affects the blood and lymph fluid flow improving cardiovascular health.

Restorative yoga sequence also related to combat anxiety, as it is a natural stress buster that improves the mood. The magical calming effect on the central nervous system offers profound relaxing effect. The slower pace and deep breathing in restorative poses benefit in declining the stress level and calming effect on the nervous system.


Restorative yoga poses

Benefits Reduce stress and fatigue with the stretch of hips, thighs, and ankles

  • Restorative (Relaxation) in the form of Savasana (Corpse Pose) 

Combat fatigue, insomnia, mild depression as Corpse Pose Lowers blood pressure, suppresses stress and relaxes the body

Improves posture relieving back pain, and stretch internal organs increasing hip flexibility

  • Legs up the wall relieves lower back pain as you lie on your back and extend your legs vertically up the wall Read more here

Restores fatigue legs and Improves digestion.

  • Reclining Bound Angle

Eases Lower Back Pain, Stretches the inner thighs and tone abdominal organs

Restorative yoga practice includes many benefits replete with beneficial calming postures for the ultimate yoga lifestyle. You can approach Chandra Yoga International for the overall wellness endeavor to connect mind, body, and soul. Embark on the yoga advantage and connect to the ideal Yoga course in Rishikesh, to learn core yogic principles such as restorative asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy, and yoga skills. Comprehensive yoga classes at Chandra Yoga International offers certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in World Wide Locations with Best Trainer Yoga Teacher Training in India – Rishikesh.



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