4 Easy Yoga Relaxation Poses For Beginners

The yoga is an amazing ancient Indian practice which can be included into our wellness program with many advantages that require minimum effort in a complete efficient way. The art of practicing yoga signifies the union of breath, body, and mind with an equal combination of flawless form with complex backbends poses movement and breath control. All you need a bare minimum of yoga mat to materialize all of the low impacts to high impact yoga asanas and postures. How do you classify low impact and high impact yoga asanas and postures and what yoga forms you should zero in to include in your initial start up of a fruitful yoga initiatives?

Low-impact yoga is soft mindful and easier slower, asanas that focus on slow and controlled body movements. The beginning foundation knowledge of yoga therapy should focus on the slower pace and easier movement, as strenuous yoga asana is not accurate for novice ones.

High impact yoga comes in the category of power yoga that involves flawless form with complex poses. Power yoga is always associated with sweating detoxifying after-effect, as you get rid of toxins by practices like twisting, turning, stretching, that eliminate lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and lymphatic fluids from the body. The benefit of power yoga is futile in case you are suffering from chronic back pain, as this form of yoga is not always suitable for beginners.

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Mountain Pose

How easiest is to perform, “Mountain Pose”

This pose is the easiest to start with as you can assume this posture that requires the person to stand straight with feet together maintaining pose through relaxed shoulders, straight legs, and back. Now, with this posture you have to take a deep breath inside through the nose, retain it, and then discharge it with straightened arms and hands raised overhead.


The therapeutic yoga benefits of this postures range from improved posture to firm abdomen and buttocks with direct impact on strengthening thighs, knees, and ankles.

Downward dog pose

What’s so special with, “Downward dog pose, Adho mukha svanasana”?

The name signifies a bit of relation to the downward pose in the form of forward bend assuming that you can begin on your hands and knees. This pose has to do with inversion on your standing pose. Keep your knees beneath the hips and your hands under shoulder; raise your sitting bones upwards. Straighten your arm under your shoulder then spread your palm and forefingers. It’s easy and quite safe pose for enhanced endurance, strength, and flexibility.


Down dog is simple, easy and it strengths all your body including arms and legs while it helps in relieving back pain. This form of yoga relaxation tones body muscles giving strength to your legs, feet, shoulders and arms.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose

Become calm and composed with, “Vrikshasana or Tree Pose”

The tree pose is the easiest as all you have to do stand straight and tall, then bend your right knee and place the foot on the thigh of the left leg, with your arms at your sides, ensuring your spine is straight. Then you have to balance your complete weight onto your left foot.


Tree Pose improves body balance and tones the leg muscles while strengthening the spine. It has a direct impact on the ligaments and tendons of the feet, making them stronger also making the knees firm.

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Rejuvenate with the best of, “Child’s Pose (Balasana)”

The child pose signifies a posture that resembles the activities of a child in a playful mood. Instead of performing twisting, turning, stretching yoga forms you can opt for the easiest breath-focused, playful one with the name Child’s Pose. Here you have to simply bend forward, folding your knees and sit by keeping your hips on your heels. Then smoothly lower your head on the mat and bring the arms alongside your body. Softly press your chest on the thighs and breathe lightly.


Known as the yoga for stress the Child’s Pose optimum whenever you are feeling stressed and fatigued as it gently relaxes the muscles while stretching the hips, thighs, and ankle.

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