Dhanurasana: Bow Pose Yoga For Back

The beauty of yoga is linked one to the health perspectives and another to the naming convention that signifies yoga with ancient Hindu practice. You will be amazed when you connect the name of the pose with the Sanskrit significance. The Sanskrit word, “Dhanurasana” is split into two combinations of words as, “Dhanu” means “bow” whereas, “asana” means posture or pose.  Moreover, the word conveys the variation in assuming and bending the body and attaining the pose like a bow.

Images of Dhanurasana

Images of Dhanurasana

“Wait”, be cautious, take a minute precaution, prior to beginning this relaxation pose

It’s quite preferable doing this asana with the empty stomach.

Beginner’s Tip For Yoga Bow Pose

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Now, this pose may not be very suitable in case you are a novice in yoga, as you have to be cautious for various health symptoms like heart problems, neck injuries, and high blood pressure while performing this asana.

There are some tips the make this bow pose yoga cool and comfortable for the beginners and the newbie as often beginners find it hard after years of not stretching to lift their thighs away from the floor.

Here, you can do an addition of prop kind of thing in yoga asana to give your legs a little upward lift by keeping a rolled-up blanket below your thighs and you can hold your ankles with your hands with the assistance of a strap that you can put over the front of your ankles and effectively perform the asana holding the loose ends of the strap with your hands.

Picture of Dhanurasana

Picture of Dhanurasana

Therapeutic Yoga For Back: Benefits Of Dhanurasana

  • Better recognized as Yoga for abdominal muscles, bowed posture leave combined impact on the heart stretching abdomen muscles and chest.
  • Sometimes counted as an Easy Yoga poses, “Dhanurasana perfect and improves the posture adding flexibility to the back.
  • Massages and stimulates the internal organ.
  • Dhanurasana for strengthening the back and abdomen as it strengthens and tones the muscles of the thighs and legs.
  • In addition, Bow pose completely energize the body and further aid in proper digestion

How to do Dhanurasana

  • To perform this asana you have to lie flat on your yoga mat on your stomach fold your knees, move both of your feet upwards and reach back with your hands hold and grab your ankles with your hands
  • This pose has a variation to the similarity with the cobra pose as you have to take long deep breathe in, lift your chest off the ground and relax in this bow pose benefits.
  • You attain this pose as a bow as your body is now curved in the shape similar to the bow hold the pose for bare minimum four breaths

Precaution Note:

You have to take precaution to bend your body as far your natural spinal flexibility permits you to and carefully avoid overdoing the stretch.

After a time span of about 15 -20 seconds, you can conclude the pose as you exhale, gently lowering your knees bring your legs and chest to the ground. Release the ankles and rest on your stomach.

The magic world of yoga is always amazing for the health freaks, you can connect mind, body and soul and bond spiritually with Yoga in Rishikesh and learn more on the yogic principles consisting of restorative asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy, and yoga skills


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