Naukasana Boat Pose Yoga: Benefits & Steps

Naukasana is the Sanskrit terminology divided into two forms Nauka that means boat and asana are the postures. This asana works well to lose fat around the abdomen with fewer easy steps. In Naukasana Yoga practitioners attains the posture of a boat to combat belly fat.

This pose directly impacts the abdominal muscles with contraction also affecting legs and arms simultaneously. Naukasana offers total body workout and the best thing about this pose is that you can perform this on by laying both on the stomach (prone position) and back (supine position).

Every yoga pose comes handy with its unique set of vast health benefits and it’s better to gain a better insight into the benefits of this pose prior to practicing it.

Pontoon Posture

Benefits of Naukasana:

A first direct benefit goes into strengthening the abdominal muscles with equal effect on the muscle of the thighs, arms, and shoulders. Boat pose has beneficial after-effects

  • Boat pose asana has the wholesome effect on all the organs in the abdomen thus reducing belly fat.
  • The stimulation affects the digestive capacity of the stomach.

Precaution Of Boat Pose Yoga

Yoga is suitable for the newbie and the seasoned practitioners but Naukasana comes with its own set of limitation in case you have health issues like spinal disorders, hernia, hip joint pain and heart problems.

How To Perform Yoga Boat Pose             

  • Lie on your back with hands on the side
  • Take a deep breath, inhale and raise your upper body- chest, arms, shoulders, and feet above the ground stretching your arms toward your feet.
  • Balance the weight of the body on the buttocks while keeping the spine straight
  • Your eyes, fingers, and toes should be aligned
  • Keep breathing deeply
  • Keep in this pose for few seconds
  • Exhale while returning back to the original position remain in Shavasana and come back to the ground
  • Repeat the process 2 to 5 times as per your capacity.

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