Crying & Growing up

Crying & Growing up

Nowadays, there is a much mental disease. People are often not fit to take up yoga or to lead ordinary lives. In this article, we consider how the issue of a person with a weak mind can be solved.

Mental disease

A child up to age 6 cries, to signal to its guardian that it is lacking some ingredient such as food, water, warmth, air, space, comfort or love. It should not hold back on its tears but should be allowed to cry naturally as much as it wants to. Of course, the guardian should rapidly move to satisfy its needs, the most rapidly when the child is a baby.

From age six onwards, one cries if one is sad: one’s emotional energy sphere has developed. One no longer cries as a result of a disturbance to any of the other energy spheres (physical, sexual, love, mental, spiritual or divine). Of course, one may become sad if there is some disturbance to any of these energies.

Sadness is a sign that you have developed as a human being and are no longer a baby. One should not hold back tears as a result sadness.

However, many people have a mental disease, with a weak mind. Sadness overwhelms them and they are not able to function as a human being. They are crying as a tool just as a young child does, to get attention and have someone help them remedy some deficiency.

A friend or loved one needs to help such a person with a weak mind becomes stronger. First of all, the mind needs to heal, with the input of all the natural ingredients referred to above (food, water etc.). After such a person starts crying, you need first to give them space and time to stop. Then, you need to give them food, drink, warmth [or coolness in hot weather], fresh air [in that order] for them to recover. After that, you need to give them love in the form of holding their hand, kissing or allowing them to lie with their head on your chest. They need to be with you, a man or a woman, several hours per day. These same ingredients will strengthen their mind. After some time, perhaps one year, they will have recovered.

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Crying then happens as it should: if you feel sad that perhaps you have let down in some way one you love, or they are in difficulty. As religious life develops, you love more people, and you love some more and more deeply. You may feel sad more often. But, you are no longer a baby. You are developing more and more and finally, you become a man or a woman. The child in you has disappeared.


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