Chakras-Types and Details.

A short lesson on the chakras


It is impossible to discus tantric sex without an introduction to the chakras. Chakras are rotating energy channels above, around, and within the human body that takes care of the organs of their respective regions (fig.). The energy generated by each chakra is associated with a particular color. Some of the games and exercises included in this book use the teaching of the chakras to help us guide sexual energy through our bodies (using spiritual images) and to help us understand their different effects within our being.


I will offer here only a short list of the characteristics associated with each chakra.

Locations mean the physical level where the specific energy source of the chakra is located and tangible. Each energy channel supplies specific body parts with life energy; you become more conscious of these body parts when concentrating on this chakra.
Sense means the action and the corresponding sense organ that are most stimulated by the chakra.

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Color is the composition of light that is stimulated by the energy of this chakra and what is seen or visualized by most people in relation to this chakra.

Psychic function refers to the kind of emotionality, the psychic mood that corresponds to the Chakra’s character.


Spiritual theme names  the life lesson or life goal that can most easily be reached with the help of this chakra’s power.

The following should form a sufficient basis for the exercises:


  1. Root Chakra

Location: pelvis, perineum

Sense: smell

Energy color: fiery red

Element: earth

Psychic function: will to survive, stability, vitality

Spiritual theme: opening for the healing power of the earth.


  1. Navel (sacral) chakra

Location:  stomach below the navel, sacrum

Sense:  taste

Energy color: orange

Element: water

Psychic function: sexual desire, feelings of being in the flow

Spiritual theme: sensuality, desire, vitality


  1. Solar-plexus chakra

Location: solar plexus, upper stomach, middle back

Sense: sight

Energy color: yellow

Element: fire

Psychic function: self-assuredness, ability to act, power

Spiritual theme: experiencing satisfaction, power, strength


  1. Heart Chakra

Location: heart, lung

Sense: touch

Energy color: green-pink

Element: air

Psychic function: affection, love, friendliness, joy

Spiritual theme: emanating and receiving love


  1. Throat chakra

Location: throat, neck

Sense: hearing

Energy color: blue

Element: ether

Psychic function: the expression of feelings, creativity, speech

Spiritual theme: freedom of self-expression


  1. Third rye

Location: forehead, forming a triangle with the eyebrows

Sense: transcendental

Energy color: violet

Element: no element you can be aware of, but pure, light energy

Psychic function: intuition, extrasensory perception

Spiritual theme: complete recognition of the world


  1. Crown chakra

Location: Crown of the head

Sense: feeling of a wide space

Energy color: white-gold

Element: mo element, but spacelessness and timelessness

Psychic function: ecstasy, stillness, being

Spiritual theme: oneness with oneself and nature, oneness with the cosmos


These short descriptions and pictures contain many centuries’ worth of experience. However, they are not to be confused with your reality! Experiment with them, but rely on your own experiences rather than projecting others’ experience onto yourself. Allow yourself to get to know the depths of your physical self- your living being-better and better.


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