“Benefits of Practicing Microcosmic Orbit”

Microcosmic Orbit

Sexual energy is channeled, circulated, and refined in the Microcosmic Orbit (sometimes called the “multi-orgasmic channel”), which runs in a circle up the spine to the brain and down the front of the body to the perineum, or up the front of the body to the brain and down the spine.
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Breathing in a circle refines your sexual energy and makes multi-orgasmic bliss a possibility within your whole body. This is a powerful way to exchange and harmonize energy with your intimate partner during subtle body lovemaking.
The Microcosmic orbit practice balances cool yin and warm yang energy: circulating creative energy in this way cultivates the etheric body and psychic centers, awaking the power of spiritual perception and creating a sense of wholeness. The orbit pulls you together when you feel scattered. It seals the chakra openings with neutral qi so you do not feel so exposed. It helps contain your energy, making you feel safe in your body.

Benefits of Microcosmic Orbit Practice

As you allow qi to move, it will work to bring you into balance. Often strange things happen! Consider these things as healing gifts and co-operate with them by holding space for the qi to do its magical work. A common experience is heat or shaking as the circulating energy breaks up resistance and blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. The heat is caused by friction as energy scrubs through the channels. When this energy is awakened it wants to heal and open the body. It has incredible wisdom and can do amazing work when you trust and let it happen.

Microcosmic Orbit

Three tongue position: water, fire, and wood.

The conscious circulation of energy is a safe way of cultivating Kundalini or primordial energy is a safe way of cultivating Kundalini or primordial energy as it embraces both the ascension and expansion of consciousness and the incarnating and embodiment of the refined energy to grow and evolve all parts of ourselves. Once awakened Kundalini-the power of evolution-is a profound catalyst for renewal on all physical, Emotional, and spiritual levels.

Some of the benefits of opening the orbit include the following:

Circulates the light

Refines the qi

Generates Light

Generates love

Generates life force

Integrates the three dantians

Longevity practice













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