“Sitting Yoga Postures”

SITTING POSTURES Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh  PADMASANA ‘Padma’ means lotus. Padmasana acquires its name because when performed this resembles a lotus. This is also known as kamalasana. This is best suited for meditation and for reciting ‘mantras’. This is beneficial to both men and women. Budget yoga retreats Technique: sit on the ground, Spread … Continue reading “Sitting Yoga Postures”

Because Some Questions Can’t Be Answered By Google

MEDITATION: KEY TO THE LOTUS There is no greater practice for developing the seventh chakra than meditation. It is the very act through which consciousness realizes itself. It is as essential to nourishing the spirit as eating and rest are to the body. ` Yoga teacher training ashram in Rishikesh There are countless techniques for … Continue reading Because Some Questions Can’t Be Answered By Google